Welcome to our new website

Yes, after more than seven years we have finally replaced our old site (which was quite à la mode at the time, honest) with a shiny new one. I hope it is easy to understand, easy to navigate and easy for you to find what you are looking for. Most importantly it should be fully mobile-friendly. We welcome all feedback—if something doesn't seem to be working or you feel some important or useful information is missing, please let us know.


Farewell, old website. Sidebars were quite the thing back then, but nowadays just seem cluttered

New Upcoming Events page

Whereas our old site focused on details of the next event only, one new feature is the ability to see more information about all our forthcoming events (as we arrange them). You can access these from the summaries at the foot of the homepage and from the new Upcoming Events page, where each event has its own entry. There is also a dedicated Buy Tickets button on the menu bar if you just want to get down to business.

Themed events

You'll notice that many of the events coming up in 2018 have special themes. All Candlelight Club events have a 1920s theme—that's what the Candlelight Club is all about—but in the past we have experimented with giving events a sub-theme as well. In some cases it is just a seasonal celebration, such as Christmas or Halloween, things that the Jazz Age crowd would have been only too happy to mark with a party. In other cases we looked at a particular part of the 1920s world, such as Paris, Havana or New Orleans. We even had a party to celebrate the 1920s obsession with all things Egyptian following the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922. 

We've decided to start doing this again, starting with our Russian Roulette party this weekend, taking its cue from the recent 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution, but looking at the White Russians who fled the Motherland, bringing their exotic style and culture, their creativity and character, to wherever they ended up, from Western Europe, to the US, to Shanghai. (In fact there were so many displaced Russians in Shanghai they even had their own magazine.)

The basic character of all our parties will remain the same, but it will give us a chance to play with theming the cocktails, the movies we show on the wall, perhaps decor or tie-ins with other relevant brands or institutions (such as our partnership with Stolichnaya vodka this weekend). And while general 1920s evening wear will always be bang-on for our events, it will also give guests a chance play with costumes as well.