As you will see from our gallery, everyone dresses up at the Candlelight Club, which is part of what makes the atmosphere so special—think dandies and flappers, gangsters and molls, degenerate aristos, decadent aesthetes, corrupt politicians and the Smart Set In the Know. Evening wear or jackets and ties for gents. No T-shirts, jeans or trainers.

All our events have a general 1920s theme, and general 1920s dress will always look just right. But sometimes we also have a sub-theme, perhaps looking at a particular place in the 1920s world (Paris, Havana, Japan, etc) or celebrating a time of the year—Halloween, Christmas, St Valentine's Day—in a 1920s style. You can choose to play up the theme in the way you dress, or just stick with the standard Candlelight Club dress code.

Hen parties are very welcome but, please, no L-plates or phallic objects, etc.

Please note that the Candlelight Club is lit entirely by candles. It looks lovely but be aware that naked flames can be dangerous if not respected, and that candle wax can be a bugger to get out of clothes. Customers enter at their own risk.