Special discount for vintage fashionistas

Being a Candlelight Clubber brings benefits beyond fabulous nights out. Over the years we’ve filled our online directory with details of many vintage and vintage-inspired fashion outlets—some web-only, others resolutely bricks-and-mortar. Not only is this a handy (free) resource but some of the sellers offer our customers some serious discounts.

Latest to join the gang is Zapaka, an online purveyor of vintage-inspired womenswear, mostly in the form of 1950s-style dresses, but they also have some beaded flapper dresses. They appear to be based in China but deliver all over the world. The story goes that founder Mary Wang started haunting fleamarkets looking for retro chic back in 1968, founded Zapaka as a way to offer timeless elegance to likeminded shoppers and has been doing so throughout the ensuing decades. I’m not sure if Mary is still involved (she would be in her seventies by now) but the website does reflect on recent revivals of 1960s and 1970s styles as things that the business witnessed the first time round.

Candlelight Club customers can get a 20% discount by using the code CLUB20

zapaka flapper dress.jpg