As a pop-up, the Candlelight Club features a limited range of cocktails each time, but the menu is constantly shifting. Here are the drinks from our most recent events.


Drinks from our Valentine's Ball on 10th February 2018:


I Found My Love in Deepest Mexico

Tequila, rose syrup, pink grapefruit, hibiscus salt rim

A Valentine's version of the traditional tequila accompaniments of sweet, sour and salt



Vanilla and thyme infused vodka, strawberry purée, lemon, soda

Another pink-tinted tincture but with an unexpected aromatic thyme element blending with lemon, vanilla and strawberry


The Girl in the Sequin Dress

Poire William, Prosecco, edible glitter rim

A version on the Champagne cocktail with a flavour of pears


Drinks from our Russian Roulette event on 19th and 20th January 2018

Offered with the help of Stolichnaya premium Russian vodka:

Beetroot Babushka

Stolichnaya vodka, beetroot juice, vanilla, lemon juice

Sweet and earthy, like Mother Russia


Candlelight Club Manhattan

Bourbon, sweet and dry vermouths, house-made hickory-smoked bitters, maraschino

As venerable as the Martini, the Manhattan has many origin stories but certainly existed by the 1880s. Our version blends red and white vermouths, a dash of sweet maraschino and subtle smokiness (bottle aged)


Candlelight Mule

Stolichnaya vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, bitters

A twist on the classic vodka cocktail the Moscow Mule—which was actually invented in 1940s America
when two salesmen got talking, one of them trying to sell vodka and the other trying to sell ginger beer. We serve the drink in the traditional copper mug. Why a copper mug? The story goes that one of the salesmen's sister had inherited a copper goods business and had a stack of mugs she couldn't get rid of… Even though the whole thing was the result of expediency, the Moscow Mule is today on of the most popular drinks in the US


Tolstoy Tipple

Prosecco, citrus-infused Stolichnaya vodka, cucumber syrup

An ice-cold shot of infused vodka, served with celebratory fizz and refreshing cucumber

Tolstoy Tipple cocktail.jpg

A Tolstoy Tipple


Salted Caramel Old Fashioned

Bourbon, chocolate bitters, caramel syrup, pinch of sea salt

An Old Fashioned—whiskey, sugar, bitters—is a drink from the dawn of cocktails.
Ours deepens the flavour with chocolate, caramel and a whisper of salt (bottle aged)


In a Pickle

Ice-cold Stolichnaya infused with cucumber and black pepper

Served with dill pickle