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The Golden Age of Travel
Friday 25th April
Saturday 26th April
As a salute to the Titanic, which went down 102 years ago this month, we evoke the heyday of luxury liners, the Art Deco dream of gleaming speed, the adventure of travel, the romance of shipboard life, and the opulence of First Class , in an age when the journey itself, both socially and recreationally, was as important as the destination. There will be portholes, deck chairs, quoits and live music from your jovial bandleader Champagne Charlie and his Bubbly Boys

Saturday 10th May

The grander version of the Candlelight Club, this time featuring the musical might of Alex Mendham's 13-piece dance orchestra, plus our six-strong showgirl dancers the Bee's Knees and cabaret from your host Reuben Kaye

A Night in Casablanca
Friday 16th May

Saturday 17th May
Firmly under French colonial rule, Casablanca in the 1920s experienced an economic boom and an influx of Western visitors. Perhaps you are drawn there by the chance of making your fortune, perhaps you have come here to forget, or perhaps you simply have a taste for the exotic. But one way or another, come nightfall everyone finds their way to the Candlelight Club… There will be Moroccan cuisine and shisha pipes in the courtyard, plus live music from those fez-wearing funsters the Top Shelf Band

The Excelsior Club
Saturday 31st May
The grander version of the Candlelight Club, with live music from Champagne Charlie and his Bubbly Boys plus our showgirl troupe the Bee's Knees. More details to come…

The Excelsior Club
Saturday 21st June

The grander version of the Candlelight Club. Details to come…

The Excelsior Club
Saturday 5th July

The grander version of the Candlelight Club, this time featuring live music from Albert Ball's Flying Aces plus dance routines from our showgirl troupe the Bee's Knees

If you buy a ticket but later find you can't come, you are welcome to transfer it to someone else—just let us know the change of name. We may alternatively be able to transfer you to a different date up to an equivalent value, if we are able to resell your original ticket, but please note that we cannot offer cash refunds

Doors open 7pm and we throw you out at midnight

The Candlelight Club is held at a secret location. Ticket holders will receive an email a couple of days before the event giving exact directions, the password, which cops have been bribed, etc.

If you don't get this email, first CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER, then contact us (in good time), either by email or on 07768 628788, because customers do sometimes misspell their email addresses when they buy tickets.


Most of the tables in the venue are freely available on a first come, first served basis. However, seating is not unlimited so if you wish to reserve a table you may do so for a supplemental charge. A small table costs £65 (on top of your ticket price), includes a bottle of the house Champagne and can seat up to five people. A large table is £130, includes two bottles of house Champagne and can seat up to ten people. Only one person in a group needs to reserve a table. You'll see the option to reserve a table on the billing page of the booking process,but it is also possible to reserve a table after you have already bought a ticket. If you have any queries, or special requests such as flowers or a cake, please email reservations@

1920s dandies and flappers, gangsters and molls, degenerate aristos, decadent aesthetes, corrupt politicians and the Smart Set In the Know

Please note that the Candlelight Club is lit entirely by candles. It looks lovely but be aware that naked flames can be dangerous if not respected, and that candle wax can be a bugger to get out of clothes. Customers enter at their own risk.

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You can come just for drinks and dancing but our kitchens are also open all night offering à la carte dining. The menu varies with the theme of the event but you can view a sample menu here.

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It's not what you know it's who you know

sdfgThe Candlelight Club is brought to you through the shrewd and enlightened help of SW4 ultra-premium London dry gin, "The Gin of Champions"

Interesting gin facts

1. SW4 gin is made in a gold-plated bath by a man named Mo.

2. A bottle of SW4 gin is a universally recognised unit of currency among corrupt politicians and bent cops.

3. The story goes that the Candlelight Club started as a private party one night. Some passing dissolute toffs heard the music and revelry and banged on the door, demanding to be let in. The startled doorman replied, "Say, what for?" Legend has it that this phrase became shortened to "SW4" and was adopted as the name of the club's house gin.

Care to dance with
the Green Fairy?

fgThere is much myth and mystique surrounding absinthe, the "forbidden drink". Where better to learn the truth for yourself than the Candlelight Club? We offer two first-rate modern absinthes, Butterfly, made to a 1902 Boston recipe, and sfgLa Clandestine, a colourless nectar from Switzer-land, absinthe's birthplace. They appear in our cocktails but you can also try them served in the traditional way, simply diluted to taste by trickling water from a glass fountain. If you'd like it sweeter, drip the water through a sugar lump on the flat "absinthe spoon" provided.


Gin lore and wormwood nerdiness courtesy of the Institute for Alcoholic Experimentation



Come in, before someone sees you

The Candlelight Club is a clandestine pop-up cocktail bar in a secret London venue, a stunning, tucked-away den with a 1920s speakeasy flavour, completely lit by candles. Each party offers a one-off cocktail menu, with special themes, plus dancing to live 1920s jazz bands and vintage DJing.

"The Candlelight Club really is the closest you'll find to an authentic Jazz Age experience in central London. Its unique ambience, fuelled by hundreds of candles, is truly a scene to behold." —Time Out

"Pull on a flapper dress and have a decadent night out at The Candlelight Club" —Grazia

"Speakeasies may be everywhere, but there's no bandwagon-jumping here. This is a sincere recreation, not to mention a really fun evening. Proper drinks too." —Imbibe

"The Candlelight Club—dope" —DJ Yoda


Our next event…

Friday 25th & Saturday 26th April

The Golden Age of Travel

As a salute to the Titanic, which went down 102 years ago this month, we'll be evoking the era of luxury liners—the Art Deco dream of gleaming speed, the adventure of travel, the romance of shipboard life and the opulence of First Class, in an age when the journey itself could be as important as the destination.

The birth of the ocean liner coincided with a rush of emigration across the Atlantic. Early efforts were more about speed than comfort, but by the time of Titanic wealthy shipping magnates competed to fit out their ships with grand staircases and Louis XVI furnishings. Titanic featured such innovations as refrigerators and electric lifts plus running water in every cabin, not to mention three dining rooms, an à la carte restaurant and a Parisian café. Germany's Imperator even hired Georges Escoffier—perhaps the most famous chef in the world at the time—to run the galley.

But it was in the 1920s and 1930s that the opulence peaked. By now the ships were aimed squarely at the wealthy—especially monied Americans fleeing Prohibition for some drink-soaked fun in Europe.

The Normandie offered a swimming pool, gym, shooting gallery, nightclub, shopping mall, Byzantine chapel, children's playroom complete with merry-go-round and a cinema showing films before general release. A passenger could have his own four-room apartment with dining room and servants' quarters, furnished with tapestries and a grand piano. Passengers could even accessorize with an Hermés clutch bag in the shape of the ship. For the rich and famous it was the only way to travel. Every trip came with a printed passenger list so movers and shakers could see who else was on board, and the piers around the passenger terminals were lined with autograph hunters.

On board the good ship Candlelight there will be Champagne and oysters plus a menu of nautical cocktails and à la carte dining. And no ship's biscuits, honest.

There will be portholes, deck chairs, quoits and dancing to live jazz from your buoyant bandleader Champagne Charlie and his Bubbly Boys, plus vintage vinyl spun by DJ Auntie Maureen.

To make it an extra special occasion, why not treat yourself to a professional vintage styling session in your home with Lipstick & Curls? They are offering Candlelight Club customers a 10% discount on their "Takeaway" mobile beauty parlour which comes to your home. Click here for more information. To make a booking email

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And if you're going to party like a wealthy socialite, why not arrive like one? We've teamed up with Uber to bring you a £20 free ride in a chauffeur-driven car. Standard uberX cars are typically 30–50% cheaper than a black cab, and you can choose a luxury car if you want to travel in real style. Click here to learn more and download the app. First-time users get a one-time £20 discount by entering the promo code GREATGATSBY.

Cocktail Menu

sfdMixology by David Hamilton Boyd of Organic Spirit, winner of the Jameson Mix Master world final, Vestal Vodka UK cocktail competition and Hendrick's Gin UK cocktail competition

Dark n' Stormy
Rum, lime juice, ginger beer
A long-standing nautical favourite—and considered the national drink of Bermuda

Ocean Breeze
Vodka, cranberry juice, sea-salted grapefruit sherbet, lime
The original Sea Breeze cocktail dates from the late 1920s, evolving into the vodka/cranberry/grapefruit version we know today. Our Ocean Breeze adds sweetness and a hint of salty sea spray

Home Port
SW4 gin, port, red vermouth, blueberry purée, lemon syrup
Gin and port were being combined as far back as the 1890s. Here the rich flavours combine with zingy fruitiness to make a perfect sip for the sun deck

Captain's Table
Sparkling wine, Yellow Chartreuse, tarragon syrup, rosemary bitters, lemon oil
An explosion of palate-tingling herbal flavours to wake up your tastebuds ready for dinner

Modern Grand Tour
Aged rum, caramel syrup, chocolate bitters, smoked sea salt, dark chocolate and orange twist
A sort of rum Old Fashioned featuring exotic flavours from around the world

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