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fgThere is much myth and mystique surrounding absinthe, the "forbidden drink". Where better to learn the truth for yourself than the Candlelight Club? We offer two first-rate modern absinthes, Butterfly, made to a 1902 Boston recipe, and sfgLa Clandestine, a colourless nectar from Switzer-land, absinthe's birthplace. They appear in our cocktails but you can also try them served in the traditional way, simply diluted to taste by trickling water from a glass fountain. If you'd like it sweeter, drip the water through a sugar lump on the flat "absinthe spoon" provided.


Gin lore and wormwood nerdiness courtesy of the Institute for Alcoholic Experimentation



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Come in, before someone sees you

The Candlelight Club is a clandestine pop-up cocktail bar in a secret London venue, a stunning, tucked-away den with a 1920s speakeasy flavour, completely lit by candles. Each party offers a one-off cocktail menu, with special themes, plus dancing to live 1920s jazz bands and vintage DJing.

"The Candlelight Club really is the closest you'll find to an authentic Jazz Age experience in central London. Its unique ambience, fuelled by hundreds of candles, is truly a scene to behold." —Time Out

"Pull on a flapper dress and have a decadent night out at The Candlelight Club" —Grazia

"Speakeasies may be everywhere, but there's no bandwagon-jumping here. This is a sincere recreation, not to mention a really fun evening. Proper drinks too." —Imbibe

"The Candlelight Club—dope" —DJ Yoda


Our next event…

Friday 10th & Saturday 11th April


sdApril is the festival of cherry blossom (sakura) in Japan: acres of fruitless trees are planted just for their beauty at this time, and hanami blossom-viewing parties are popular. So we're giving our party a Japanese twist with menus of food and cocktails inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun.

Japan in the 1920s was a vibrant clash of cultures, the love of nature and tradition coming face to face with a surge in modernisation and social change—women suddenly had more freedom, the urban young embraced Western fashion, Art Deco, jazz. The resulting hybrid style is visible in the movies made at the time, where new and old coexist in clothing, buildings and the problems people face. We'll be projecting some of these flicks at our party.

sdOur cocktail menu, created by David Hamilton-Boyd of Organic Spirit, will feature Japanese spirits and ingredients evocative of the cuisine. Cocktail culture was another Jazz Age feature that Japan embraced in the 20th century to the point where, according to modern bartending legend Kazuo Uyeda, "you could find a Martini shaker in every house and a Martini sdglass in every hand". The Japanese art of bartending developed along its own lines, with the culture's characteristic attention to detail, respect for procedure and appreciation of the subtle stimulation of all the senses.

Our à la carte dinner menu will offer a selection of dishes typical of what you might eat on a hanami picnic, prepared for you by a guest chef with 18 years experience at Nobu Park Lane, and who was trained by Nobu Matsuhisa himself. Click on the menu image on the left to see what delicacies are on offer.

sdLive music at our party will come from Doolally Tap on Saturday and the Shirt Tail Stompers on Friday, plus DJing on both nights from Auntie Maureen.

To make it an extra special occasion, why not treat yourself to a professional vintage styling session in your home with Lipstick & Curls? They are offering Candlelight Club customers a 10% discount on their "Takeaway" mobile beauty parlour (a revival sdof a type of service popular in the 1940s). Click here for more information. To make a booking email info@lipstickandcurls .net.

And why not travel in style? We've teamed up with Uber to bring you a £20 free ride in a chauffeur-driven car. Standard uberX cars are typically 30–50% cheaper than a black cab, and you can choose a luxury car if you want to travel in real style. Click here to learn more and download the app. First-time users get a one-time £20 discount by entering the promo code CANDLE15.


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