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It's not what you know it's who you know

sdfgThe Candlelight Club is brought to you through the shrewd and enlightened help of SW4 ultra-premium London dry gin, "The Gin of Champions"

Interesting gin facts

1. SW4 gin is made in a gold-plated bath by a man named Mo.

2. A bottle of SW4 gin is a universally recognised unit of currency among corrupt politicians and bent cops.

3. The story goes that the Candlelight Club started as a private party one night. Some passing dissolute toffs heard the music and revelry and banged on the door, demanding to be let in. The startled doorman replied, "Say, what for?" Legend has it that this phrase became shortened to "SW4" and was adopted as the name of the club's house gin.

Care to dance with
the Green Fairy?

fgThere is much myth and mystique surrounding absinthe, the "forbidden drink". Where better to learn the truth for yourself than the Candlelight Club? We offer two first-rate modern absinthes, Butterfly, made to a 1902 Boston recipe, and sfgLa Clandestine, a colourless nectar from Switzer-land, absinthe's birthplace. They appear in our cocktails but you can also try them served in the traditional way, simply diluted to taste by trickling water from a glass fountain. If you'd like it sweeter, drip the water through a sugar lump on the flat "absinthe spoon" provided.


Gin lore and wormwood nerdiness courtesy of the Institute for Alcoholic Experimentation



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Come in, before someone sees you

The Candlelight Club is a clandestine pop-up cocktail bar in a secret London venue, a stunning, tucked-away den with a 1920s speakeasy flavour, completely lit by candles. Each party offers a one-off cocktail menu, with special themes, plus dancing to live 1920s jazz bands and vintage DJing.

"The Candlelight Club really is the closest you'll find to an authentic Jazz Age experience in central London. Its unique ambience, fuelled by hundreds of candles, is truly a scene to behold." —Time Out

"Pull on a flapper dress and have a decadent night out at The Candlelight Club" —Grazia

"Speakeasies may be everywhere, but there's no bandwagon-jumping here. This is a sincere recreation, not to mention a really fun evening. Proper drinks too." —Imbibe

"The Candlelight Club—dope" —DJ Yoda


Our next event…

May Ball
Saturday 9th May
SOLD OUT! (For more dates click here)


sdfNot all speakeasies were makeshift basement dens—some were large, glittering and glamorous, often trading quite openly thanks to ownership by an influential bootlegger and the protection of a corrupt Chief of Police. To celebrate, the Candlelight Club presents a special ball, in sdfan original 1920s ballroom, lit by hundreds of candles below and lofty chandeliers above, with palm trees and an Art Deco stage set.

A luxury three-course dinner will be prepared by our Michelin Star trained chefs and served on crisp linen by white-gloved staff, accompanied by a fine wine list and Champagne from Möet & Chandon. This set menu is available as a sdfpre-order (you'll see the options as you go through the ticket purchase process) and comes with a table reservation. It is also possible to reserve a table with Champagne but without the meal. An à la carte menu of simpler fare will also be available on the night.

From our specially built ornate 30-foot bar comes a classic cocktail menu courtesy of Brian Silva (The Connaught, Rules).

Master of ceremonies will be your host Champagne Charlie, delivering a cabaret broadside and keeping everyone in order.

Live music will come from Stuart Macbeth and his jazz orchestra to get your toes tapping through the night.

There will be balletic burlesque from the mysterious, shimmering Vicky Butterfly,

Showing us how it's done will be the Gatsby Girls dance troupe with their high-energy Charleston routines

When the band aren't playing there will be vintage vinylism from guest DJ Tim of Hellzapoppin'.

Doors for this special even open at 6.30pm and we will close at 1am (with last orders at 12.30).




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